Asked Questions about the Everest Balloon experience

We understand that for many, an air balloon ride is a bucket-list experience. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to ensure you feel confident and ready for your sky-high adventure. If you have further queries, don’t hesitate to reach out at

What is the Everest Balloon flight like?
If you’ve signed up for one of our high-altitude flights, you will be well trained and prepared in advance of your flight day. The higher the altitude, the more preparation is required. The balloon is inflated, passengers are boarded, and final pre-flight is conducted. We will then begin our ascent to flight’s prescribed altitude. Above 18,000 feet and Everest Balloon is into the airspace where commercial jets fly. We will be properly dressed, with O2 masks donned, and enjoying one of the most unique high-altitude aerial adventures on earth. The sensation must be experienced to be known — suspended animation high above earth’s curve. Our onboard video cameras will capture our entire adventure.

Where does the Everest Balloon take off from?
Everest Balloon launches from our launch field 22 miles east of Nashville, Tennessee.

Flight Options
Sign up for one of our specialized High-Altitude flights, or simply reserve a lower fun flight for large group, family, or corporate flights. We provide you with the necessary preparations including (if necessary) training, oxygen masks, and cold-weather gear.

What time of day does Everest Balloon take off, and where do we land?
We always launch 30-minutes prior sunrise. Depending on the destination altitude, the total flight time will 60 to 100 minutes. Working with our team meteorologist, we can forecast approximately where we will land, even after ascending to extreme high altitude and back down. Typically, we will land within a 30-minute drive from our launch site. Our chase team will meet us at landing and drive we’ll drive back to base camp as a Team.

Are there physical requirements to fly Everest Balloon?
We are unable to fly anyone who is pregnant or who may be pregnant. The minimum age to fly is 5. Passengers must be able to stand for the entire flight (about an hour) unassisted. For the high-altitude flights, some types of COPD may prevent your ability to fly to extreme altitude. If you are concerned about physical limitations, we always recommend checking with your doctor before booking your flight.

How many passengers fly in the Everest Balloon?
For (low-altitude) family, wedding party, & corporate flights, our Everest Balloon holds pilot + up to 18 passengers.  For the highest altitude Everest Flight to 29,032′ we will have 2 pilots + 8 passengers onboard.