Soar Above
the Ordinary with Our Group and Corporate Events

Everest Balloon proudly hosts the largest balloon in the United States, boasting the impressive capacity to accommodate up to 18 passengers at a time. This exceptional size makes it the perfect choice for large groups and events, enabling everyone to partake in the thrilling ascent together. Imagine taking an exclusive, private ride with your crew, beginning your day on a high note as you glide above the stunning Smoky Mountains at sunrise. This is adventure on a grand scale!

We understand that for many, an air balloon ride is a bucket-list experience. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to ensure you feel confident and ready for your sky-high adventure. If you have further queries, don’t hesitate to reach out at

Transform Special Moments into Unforgettable Adventures

Ever thought about popping the question while floating above the beautiful Smoky Mountains? Or marking a milestone birthday with an experience that quite literally elevates the celebration? Your private ride awaits, and with it, the memory of a lifetime!

Take Team Building to New Heights with Corporate Events in the Sky

We offer an innovative and inspiring way to foster team spirit with rides over the breathtaking landscape of the Smoky Mountains. The shared experience of this unique adventure can spark creativity, encourage collaboration, and create a sense of unity that goes beyond the everyday workspace. Give your team an experience they’ll talk about for years – book your corporate event with Everest Balloon!