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Everest Balloon Pioneers in Immersive High-Altitude Flights


Jeff Bezos founded Blue Origin
Price: Up to $30M for the 11-minute rocket flight in a room temperature fuselage.


Elon Musk founded SpaceX
Price: Up to $30M for the rocket flight in a room temperature fuselage.


Richard Branson founded Virgin Galactic
Price: $450,000 for a 90-minute flight in a room temperature fuselage.


Doug Hase founded Everest Balloon
Price: $899 for the 18,000’ flight. Offering extreme high-altitude, open-air gondola flights where passengers are on oxygen and experience the elements at all times – 1/3 sea-level atmospheric pressure and temperatures dropping 100°F during the 60-minute ascent to Everest Altitude 29,032’, which is then followed by a 40-minute descent until landing.

Meet Everest Balloon
Your Premier Sky Adventure Team

Everest Balloon is the only company on the planet offering extreme ‘open-air’ high-altitude flights. There is only one Everest Balloon and we launch from 22 miles east of Nashville, TN offering stunning views of the Smoky Mountains and surrounding areas. Everest Balloon chief pilot Mark Churchman has 30+ years commercial ballooning experience. Behind every flight is our dedicated, passionate team, committed to safety, quality, and creating the best balloon adventure for you. Our team invites you to share a one-of-a-kind majestic adventure with us.

Our Team

Douglas Hase
Founder and President of Everest Balloon LLC. Airship Engineer. Marine Engineer. Mountaineer. Countless Paragliding First Descents from South America & Mexico Highest Volcanoes, and Colorado’s 14’ers. Endurance athlete. Commercial Balloon Pilot 1991. Commercial Ultralight Pilot since 1992. Adventurer.

Josep Llado
Founder and President of Ultramagic Balloons – builder of the Everest Balloons. Top European Balloonist. Numerous high-altitude balloon flights including countless flights over the Alps and several flights over Mt. Kilimanjaro summit. Adventurer.

Scott Ashton
President & CEO Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems LLC – builder of the Everest Balloon oxygen systems. Expert in Part 135 and Part 145 operations, airport, airspace. President New England Air Museum. Pilot of countless aircraft for several decades.

Rick Jones
Top US high-altitude/XC balloonist (commercial/instructor rated pilot) with countless flights over the Alps and Mt Kilimanjaro summit. Adventurer.

Chris Hubbard
5th generation/career US Air Force for 20 years. Former F-16 instructor/pilot; current instructor/pilot for the Lockheed Martin F-35 program. Adventurer.

Kevin Haynes
CEO of RG Aero Avionics. Responsible for Everest Balloon ADS-B transponder & instruments package. Pilot of countless aircraft and rotorcraft. Expert in airspace.

Rocky Dejick
Senior Aviation Medical Examiner for the FAA. Senior Flight Surgeon in the US Air Force. High-altitude and space medicine expert – cared for pilots flying the Lockheed U-2 Dragon Lady which flies >70,000 feet. Adventurer. Air Force Pilot 20 years.

Eric Hase
Commercial Airline Pilot 20 years. Commercial Balloon pilot since 1991. Endurance athlete. Mountaineer. Adventurer.

Dan Pagliaro
Certified Consulting Meteorologist. Provides Everest Balloon flight-trajectory forecasting and meteorological support. Expert in aviation and forensic meteorology. Based in Albuquerque – expert on balloon and rocky mountain meteorology.