Fly to Everest’s summit elevation

Discover a one-of-a-kind high altitude airborne experience

Everest Balloon is your passport to sky-high adventure in Nashville, Tennessee! Fly in our specialized balloon to the iconic altitude of 29,032 feet and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

Experience the ultimate aerial adventure

There is only one Everest Balloon in the world, and it launches from 22 miles west of Nashville, TN. Fly from ground-level, straight-up to the iconic altitude of 29,032 ft in our specialized Everest Balloon.

Your journey to achieving the extreme everest altitude of 29,032′ requires three flights.

The first two flights are designed to provide you with training and practice needed for you to ascend to the great heights of the third. The largest balloon in the United States will take you on a thrilling open-air adventure above the world!

The “Kilimanjaro”
Flight One
(18,000 FT)

Before you take off, our friendly team will walk you through the prerequisites for our high-altitude balloon flights. After completing your sign-up, you’ll embark on your first exciting journey – The Kilimanjaro Flight, soaring up to 18,000 feet, this is your initiation into the wonders of the sky.

The “Aconcagua”
Flight Two
(23,000 FT)

After completing your first flight, prepare to elevate your experience with The Aconcagua Flight! Rise to an impressive 23,000 feet – an elevation few dare to reach and truly a milestone in your ballooning journey. It’s more than just a flight; it’s a testament to your spirit of adventure.

The “Everest”
Flight Three
(29,032 FT)

After successfully soaring to 23,000 feet, it’s time for the pièce de résistance – The Everest Flight. Strap in for the climax of your 3-step journey, taking you to an awe-inspiring 29,032 feet. The Everest Flight isn’t just a ride; it’s an achievement, a badge of honor for the adventurer in you.

Other (non-extreme) Everest Balloon Adventures

Low altitude tree-skimming fun/chill flights: The massive Everest Balloon is the largest balloon flying in America, capable of flying up to 20 passengers and their pilot at a time! Let us turn your special event into a lifelong memory and “stories for the grandkids”. Be it a corporate event, reunion, bachelorette party, wedding party, anniversary, birthday, etc. the Everest Balloon also offers private flights for large groups that make your special occasions truly extraordinary.